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What Is The Single Most Important Word To Describe A Piano Diploma Course?

February 3, 2016, by Hilary, category News

MHilary Crawford Teachingay I first wish everyone a happy, healthy, successful and prosperous 2016…I hope the goals you have set for your business this year will start to reap rewards as the year goes on! January for me is always about planning…this year, with the start of the ATCL mentoring course for piano teachers, most of my focus has gone into the preparation for that…

So, going right back to basics, what should a good diploma course deliver, is it really necessary for piano teachers and is it ONLY about passing an exam?



Deciding whether or not to sign up for a piano teaching diploma course can be a dilemma..after all, piano teachers can, and do, teach without it, it’s a big financial outlay…so why bother?

You see, in my opinion, it’s not ONLY about being successful in the exam and getting letters after your name (though obviously that’s very important and something more and more parents are requesting in a teacher)…but it should be about much more than that…in my courses, I want the most important word (after successful) to be…



…a good course should TRANSFORM:

  1. Your teaching…how you teach and your approach before and after lessons,
  2. it should transform your confidence as a teacher and as a person,
  3. it should transform your understanding of what to teach,
  4. it should transform your vision for your business…which aspects of piano teaching really suit you, are you best suited to teaching preschoolers, adults, advanced pupils…(in a previous blog I wrote that the future of piano teaching might be much more specialised),
  5. it should transform your business financially,

…and so much more…

I would hope that at the end of any of my courses, teachers would have a much clearer understanding, not only of the methods of teaching, but also of their own strengths and how best to take their business forward.

A diploma student from last year, after a successful exam result, wrote:

“…thanks for all your help in achieving my diploma, keeping me

motivated and especially believing I could achieve it..”

…a teacher whose teaching and confidence had been transformed!

So, if you’re thinking about gaining another qualification, choose your course wisely, wherever you study, make sure you know what it is you want from it (other than a successful result), and let your new-found confidence build an even more successful business!

Any questions…join in the conversation on Facebook! Have a great teaching month!


In the next few months…

Teachers are preparing for diploma exams in both the March and June sessions, ATCL in piano teaching will commence late Spring/early Summer

So, what do you think ?

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